Mission Integration

Mission Integration was developed as a way of ensuring that the vision and values which have expressed our Vincentian charism for over 400 years will continue to shape the services provided in our name. The programme is designed to maintain our Ethos and Identity.

Through the Mission Integration Programme it is hoped to influence decision making and activities that form the purpose of the Daughter of Charity services and to create the culture and climate within which the Service is effective.

The Mission Integration programme sets out to empower participants in the on-going development that promotes the Mission and Core Values underpinning the Daughter of Charity Services.

It plans to lead and support senior management into awareness and ongoing articulation and celebration of the identity, mission and values of the Daughters of Charity.

It acknowledges and affirms the giftedness and personal contribution that each staff member/volunteer makes to the ethos, mission and values of the Daughters of Charity charism.

Currently there are two programmes offered to the staff in all Daughter of Charity Services. These programmes are Mission Mentoring and Mission Moments.