Cribs From Bethlehem To Ireland




Since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world, so many people have been seriously affected not only in health but livelihood and this has led to a rise in poverty. Tourism to be Holy Land has been seriously affected and tourists to Bethlehem have been non-existent. The people who trade in Bethlehem are now struggling to survive with little income.

In 2020 Mary Murphy one of our great Mission supporters and a member of the Mission Development Fundraising committee decided to do a two way support programme and purchased handmade cribs directly from a local carver in Bethlehem who posted them to Ireland.  Here in Ireland, we sold the cribs and used the profit for our overseas projects in Africa, thus people in two parts of the world benefitted from this wonderful initiative.

This year the initiative has been repeated and we have many beautiful hand carved cribs that will again support the people in Bethlehem and also many people in Africa who are struggling on a daily basis to survive.