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Chanzo – Nairobi

The Daughters of Charity work close to several big slum areas. The DREAM programme provides treatment and care for people living with HIV/AIDS. The Justin de Jacobis Centre offers training, social services and support for those most in need.

Chepnyal – West Pokot

A remote mountainous semi arid region where sustainable income is totally dependent on unpredictable rain fall. Much work goes on here in schools, women’s development, care of the elderly, and with children who are sick and or have a disability.

Matisi – Kitale

In this slum area outside a large town the sisters and their colleagues assist people for whom housing, schooling, health and youth activities are a big challenge.

Kiio – Kitui

Kiio is in a semi arid area and the people suffer from the effects of drought. They are very poor and sourcing basic health and education here is a big challenge.

The sisters teach women income-generating skills such as soap making, sewing and cookery.


The Daughters of Charity are the main service providers here in this under-developed village. Here they run a nursery school, services for children with disabilities, women’s development programmes, a health clinic, services for the elderly as well as hospice care.



Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world where the climate swings between drought and flooding, this creates great suffering and hardship for the people.

There are very high levels of malnutrition among the children. We provide both health care and social services here.



Benin is a large city in the west of Nigeria. There are many children here who have never been to school because of their disability. There is still stigma around disability in this region, and to address this problem, a new school is currently being developed that will serve children with a disability as well as those who are vulnerable.

Tungan Gero

Tungan Gero is a village in the North east of Nigeria where the Daughters of Charity provide primary health care services, including maternity and nutrition programmes for the many children and their mothers who present with severe anaemia and malnutrition. The mothers are also shown how to use the land to grow crops to feed themselves and their children.


Gamasheena in Kano is another village in the north of Nigeria where the Daughters of Charity provide primary health care and maternity services. We also run the village school where many children get the opportunity of a decent education.


Kongo Longre

Kongo Longre is a village in the North of Ghana. The sisters are involved in primary education for many poor and vulnerable children. Some of the children have to work as well as go to school to help provide essential food for their families. The sisters also provide health and social services for the many people who are vulnerable and live on the margins of society.

Drobonso – Afram Plains

Drobonso is a very isolated village in Afram Plains in Ghana. It is very difficult to access due to the poor condition of the roads. The sisters here provide the only available health services that include maternity and child health services. They also support many poor and vulnerable people who are struggling to survive through petty trading and small crop farming.