Vocations Team

Vocations Team

Sr CArmel Ryan

I am Carmel Ryan and the eldest in a family of three girls and one boy from Cork. I attended Maria Immaculata Secondary School, in Dunmanway, Co Cork. It was here that I first met the Daughters of Charity. I entered the community at a very young age and have been involved in education most of my life.

Sr. Nuala Kelly

The theme for the 400th anniversary is “to welcome the stranger.” In my present ministry I am fortunate to have many opportunities to welcome the stranger whether it’s someone who has been living on the streets of Belfast and have come to our hostel or who has come from another country and have found themselves homeless.

Sr Marguerite Buckley

I am Marguerite Buckley, the third child of seven, born to Kate and Michael Buckley near Macroom, Co Cork.
My first contact with the Daughters of Charity was when Catherine my eldest sister was a student in St Mary’s School of Home Economics in Dunmanway, Co Cork. When Catherine completed her year there, she chose to enter the community.

Sr Éibhlís NicUaithuas

A few years ago out of my prayer I wrote some lines of verse that say something of how I experience my own call, journey. I will use the first lines here to introduce myself.

I am Éibhlís
I am Irish
I am a woman
loved by God