Laudato Si’ – awareness raising while ‘social distancing’

Strength and stability are said to be among the qualities to celebrate at a fifth or ‘wood’ anniversary. In designating 2020 as the beginning of a ‘multi-year Laudato Si’ roll-out plan’, Pope Francis invites us to strengthen and stabilise our faith in a new way.  The subtitle ‘on care for our common home’, is not what is usually expected in a Vatican document- for many it is not ‘holy’ enough – in the conventional understanding of that word. While it is a long letter, comprising 246 paragraphs, the content is accessible and is written in an easy readily available style and a very worthwhile read.

In June 2020, an ad hoc ‘zoom’ group of 12 men and women formed in Belfast to read and share on Laudato Si’ -over a four-week period. This contemporary medium offered the opportunity for each participant to find a voice. It was an enriching and valuable experience for all concerned. Some had never heard of the document! Others knew about it but since its importance was not highlighted in Church it promptly left their memory. One participant commented: ‘I never thought I would enjoy reading a letter from a Pope! It is wonderful.’ It was indeed, for those four weeks, an enjoyable way of strengthening our faith. Further conversations were requested to build on new-found learning.

In order, to whet the appetite and generate discussion, four themes were selected that charted a personal journey through the document.  Paragraphs from Laudato Si’ were chosen to stimulate as many views as possible. Each week, one of the attached sheets was e-mailed to the participants in advance of our ‘zooming’ session. Lockdown caused by coronavirus has very few, if any, valuable impacts- but this venture was very worthwhile and could serve as a model for other interested groups.

The four themes

Daughters of Charity

Mission Development Office


To the supporters of the Daughters of Charity Overseas Missions

Thank you for your ongoing support of our projects to date.  I am writing to you today to ask for your urgent help to save lives in Africa. In ordinary times, we in the Mission Development Office hold a number of fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for the poor and vulnerable in Africa, for example, Parish Church appeals, Easter sale, Quiz, Women’s mini marathon. The impact of COVID-19 on the charity sector means that our annual events that raise much needed money have been postponed and in most cases cancelled. With the result that we are unable to send money to our projects in Africa that are currently in desperate need of funds.

I am enclosing an update of the impact that this horrific virus is having on the lives of children, adults young and old and people with special needs and disabilities. These people live on the margins of society in “normal times” so you can imagine the effect that this virus is now having on their lives and those who care for them.

I appreciate that you support us in so many ways but if you feel you could help us with this appeal you can send a donation directly to our office at the address below or you can also donate through the support us section on our website and hit the donate button.

You can also click the Donate directly below this letter.

Please feel free to share this letter and the newsletter with family and friends

Thank you as always for your support.

God Bless and keep safe.

Yours sincerely,

Sr Geraldine Henry
Mission Development Co-ordinator.
St. Catherine’s Provincial House
Dunardagh, Temple Hill
Co. Dublin

Tel:01 2882896

What your donation could provide:

Face Masks

10 Pack


Hand Sanitizer

10 Pack



100 Pack
10 Pack


Rice & beans to feed a family for 1 week.


Transport for sick & elderly to hospital per week


Daughters of Charity

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We are women who have responded to the Call of Christ to live out our baptismal commitment by reaching out in His name to the people at the margins of our society. With the help and collaboration of many others we contribute to the provision of Child and Family Services, Pre-Schools, Education, Specialised Services for Young People, Services for People with Intellectual Disability, Health Care Services, Services for Older People, Services in Parishes, Family Resource Centres, Services for People who are Homeless, Vincentian Partnership Programmes, Mission Outreaches, Marian Services, Services to the wider Community and Provincial Administration.

Reflections on Laudato Si

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The Daughters of Charity have provided services to persons with intellectual disability in Ireland for over a century. Today these services are based in Dublin, Limerick and Tipperary and include community-based residential services...



The Daughters of Charity are present in 21 African Countries. The Irish Sisters have worked in Nigeria and Ethiopia since the early 1960’s and now the young Nigerian Sisters have branched out to Ghana and Burkina Faso giving us contacts in all these mission areas...


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  • “When you leave prayer and Holy Mass to serve those in need, you are losing nothing, because serving those in need is going to God and you should see God in them.”

    St Vincent
  • “Say little, do much”

    St Vincent
  • “Good works are often spoiled by moving too quickly.”

    St Vincent
  • “If we want to please our good God, we must not look so much to what we want to do, but to what He wants us to do.”

    St Louise
  • “Do not believe that things will always be as they are now.”

    St Louise
  • “You are well aware that changes are always difficult, and that it takes time to learn new ways of serving skilfully and well.”

    St Louise
  • “If God is the centre of your life, no words will be needed. Your mere presence will touch their hearts.”

    St Vincent
  • “God makes use of the humblest instruments for the extraordinary operation of His grace.”

    St Vincent
  • “Charity is not charity if not accompanied by justice.”

    St Vincent
  • “The least esteemed by men are perhaps the best loved by God.”

    St Louise
  • “The greater the work the more important it is to establish it on a solid foundation. Thus it will not only be more perfect, it will also be more lasting.”

    St Louise
  • “Speak to God with great simplicity and familiarity, God only wants our hearts.”

    St Louise