Life in Lockdown

Life in lockdown isn’t easy,
sometimes it can be tough…
we all have lots of ‘ups’ and ‘downs’
to cope with on and off.

The days are long, all much the same;
our busy world has shrunk!
We miss our friends and family;
our spirits low have sunk.

But there’s much to be thankful for,
there is a brighter side,
if we can be more positive,
take one day at a time.

It helps to count our blessings,
the things we can enjoy,
and so I’ve made a list of what
I note as I pass by.

Now I’ve time to see and hear
I’ve time to think and pray.
I’ve time to write and time to read
and more time just to BE.

On many day the sun has shone
out of a cloudless sky
enhancing nature’s beauty;
Gifts of God most high.
The sound of bird song fills my ears,
each with its special tune,
while everywhere I walk I see
wild flowers all in bloom.

Primroses and forget-me-nots,
daisies, violets and bluebells too,
with heather, broom and lilac
to name but just a few.

With fewer workers now around,
the animals have their fun,
foxes, squirrels, rabbits
from out of hiding come.

Something else I have to mention,
the smell of fresh-cut grass,
stirring memories of hay time,
takes me back to Summers past.

So, help me, Lord, to understand
that this time too can be
a gift that’s given from your hand,
and offered lovingly.

Sr Anna May O’Reilly DC

Daughters of Charity

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We are women who have responded to the Call of Christ to live out our baptismal commitment by reaching out in His name to the people at the margins of our society. With the help and collaboration of many others we contribute to the provision of Child and Family Services, Pre-Schools, Education, Specialised Services for Young People, Services for People with Intellectual Disability, Health Care Services, Services for Older People, Services in Parishes, Family Resource Centres, Services for People who are Homeless, Vincentian Partnership Programmes, Mission Outreaches, Marian Services, Services to the wider Community and Provincial Administration.

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The Daughters of Charity have provided services to persons with intellectual disability in Ireland for over a century. Today these services are based in Dublin, Limerick and Tipperary and include community-based residential services...



The Daughters of Charity are present in 21 African Countries. The Irish Sisters have worked in Nigeria and Ethiopia since the early 1960’s and now the young Nigerian Sisters have branched out to Ghana and Burkina Faso giving us contacts in all these mission areas...


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  • “When you leave prayer and Holy Mass to serve those in need, you are losing nothing, because serving those in need is going to God and you should see God in them.”

    St Vincent
  • “Say little, do much”

    St Vincent
  • “Good works are often spoiled by moving too quickly.”

    St Vincent
  • “If we want to please our good God, we must not look so much to what we want to do, but to what He wants us to do.”

    St Louise
  • “Do not believe that things will always be as they are now.”

    St Louise
  • “You are well aware that changes are always difficult, and that it takes time to learn new ways of serving skilfully and well.”

    St Louise
  • “If God is the centre of your life, no words will be needed. Your mere presence will touch their hearts.”

    St Vincent
  • “God makes use of the humblest instruments for the extraordinary operation of His grace.”

    St Vincent
  • “Charity is not charity if not accompanied by justice.”

    St Vincent
  • “The least esteemed by men are perhaps the best loved by God.”

    St Louise
  • “The greater the work the more important it is to establish it on a solid foundation. Thus it will not only be more perfect, it will also be more lasting.”

    St Louise
  • “Speak to God with great simplicity and familiarity, God only wants our hearts.”

    St Louise