Child Protection

Keeping Children Safe

“We the Daughters of Charity will adopt and adhere to the Guidance Document of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland 2016.”

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Archived Policies

Child Protection Policy and Procedures 2016

Child Protection Policy and Procedures 2015

Child Protection Policy and Procedures November 2009

Child Protection Policy & Procedures 2007


Dublin Safer Families Service (DSFS) began in January 2017. This Service works with families experiencing Gender, Sexual and Domestic Violence. The requirement to set up a specific service arose due to the year on year increase in the numbers of families presenting to services with current or historical Gender, Sexual and Domestic Violence as an issue. In 2014, 49% of families engaged with the Daughters of Charity Child and Family Service (DoCCFS) experienced Gender, Sexual and Domestic Violence, and this remained consistent in 2015, in which 26% of all referrals received in Family Centres indicated problem of violence related issues, and 49% of all assessments closed and completed identified this form of violence as an issue (DoCCFS, Annual Reports, 2015, 2016).

Dublin Safer Families Service works with victims, children and perpetrators using a Systemic Model. The work with both parents and children aims to increase family safety, to prevent and stop violence.  The protection and welfare of child(ren) is central to this work (Children First Act, 2015). The stance within the work of DSFS is that all children know about and experience the Domestic Violence in their family.

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