The charism of the Daughters of Charity is service to those who are experiencing poverty. St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac received this charism as a gift from God and they have given this gift to the people of God through the communities that they founded.

Our mission as Daughters of Charity is to serve those experience poverty. We are called to a life of service. Our relationship with God is at the heart of our calling, and through life in community, we support one another in fulfilling our common mission.

Understanding your own calling takes time and requires a deep understanding of who you are, and what matters most in your life. Establishing a prayer life and listening to God can bring clarity. Discerning a call takes time in prayer, exploring your call with others and patient listening to the will of God in your life.

The Daughters of Charity are a group of women who belong to a community of Apostolic Life. Unlike Contemplatives, we are Sisters who live and work among those we serve.

Speaking with a Sister can help answer questions and provide valuable insights on how to determine your true purpose.