All Creatures of the Earth, Bless the Lord

All Creatures of the Earth, Bless the Lord

God speaks to us through events, situations, nature and people. Pope Francis, in LAUDATO SI, chapter 6 about ecological education and spirituality, is inviting us to care for our common home and he has given us important insights.

We need to have awareness, changing our way of living and thinking how to protect our common home to have sustainable development; we need to do more from what we are doing at present. Educating those who are working at home with us and at workplaces by being good examples on how to care for the environment and this will be a practical way of caring for our common home.

As individuals and community, we need to be responsible and to have vision how to protect and recycle waste materials, decaying vegetation can be used for manure in our garden instead of buying and   using chemical fertilizers. I feel that we have to show more responsibility to care for our common home. What Pope Francis is encouraging us is to open our eyes to see how nature has an important place in our lives.

When I reflect on the Wild China film that we watched recently, I was touched to see how the Tibet community is very close to nature, respecting the environment, giving reverence to the wildlife and living in harmony with nature. The more we care for the nature/environment the more we respect the life of human beings. Then if we truly love and care for our natural resources, we will find beauty within us and in every creature. And this will enable us to see God in everything.

Nigisti Zeray DC