Celebration in Knock

Celebration in Knock

On Saturday 4 November 2017 the Daughters of Charity were invited to celebrate their life and ministry in Knock Parish. This occasion was to mark their withdrawal from St Mary’s Hostel. St Mary’s was opened in 1931 and welcomed pilgrims from all over the country and world in the intervening decades.

The evening began with the celebration of the Parish Eucharist by Archbishop Michael Neary. Everyone was welcomed by Fr Richard Gibbons PP. Symbols were offered to celebrate the work of the hostel and the other ministries that the Sisters undertook in the parish. Archbishop Neary recounted the story of the sisters coming and working in Knock. At the end of the Mass, Sr Maud Murphy SSL, the chairperson of the Parish Council and a native of the parish recounted some of the memories of the sisters from the parishioners’ perspective. A statute of Our Lady of Knock was presented to the community to mark their contribution to the Shrine and Parish of Knock.

It was a wonderful occasion for the Sisters to gather and give thanks for all that they had experienced in St Mary’s and in Knock Parish. The sisters were delighted to meet so many staff past and present who were able to join them on the occasion. It was a wonderful reunion and renewing of friendships forged in the provision and care of other people.

Sincere thanks to all who made the occasion possible.