Climate Change

Climate Change

When I think of the beautiful scenery which I have been privileged to see, I am filled with a sense of wonder and joy. With gratitude I ask the Lord to watch over His creatures despite our negligence. But I can’t stop thinking, now more than ever, how long we human beings will be able to enjoy such beauty.

“Yahweh God took the man and settled him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and take care of it.” (Gen. 2:15)

Does my activity as an individual contribute to natural disasters as stated in Laudato Si? Or is there a chance for me to alter this    disaster with little I can offer? Do I feel responsible as a steward to God’s creation?

The Pope reminds us that the ecological destruction is the result of

our modern technology, our life style, industrialization, urbanization, the use of fossil fuel, deforestation, the culture of throwing away etc., etc. Scientists are of the opinion that global warming is due to the great concentration of greenhouse gas released by human activity.

All these signals of global warming are to make us aware that if we do not change we will destroy the world and ourselves. Some show concern while others ignore them. In any case, my heart goes out to the developing countries who will be affected the most yet have no resources to adapt or cope with natural disasters. Chemical weapons used in wars and the nuclear missile race disturb me.     Displacement and tragic famine will affect health or be the cause of loss of lives. Those who survive war or famine are left with hopelessness and helplessness. Lord have mercy is my prayer.

Trees contribute to keep the composition of the air as they produce oxygen and prevent soil erosion. More trees will mitigate the desert from advancing and are an assurance of seasonal rain falls, plenty of water and good harvests. Unfortunately, in many African countries we burn them for firewood or charcoal. May God never cease to give us our daily bread?

God is faithful to His people and listens to the cry of the afflicted. But how do I cooperate with him to be an    instrument of His peace and to make a difference to the climate challenges? First of all, I need to be on my knees and beg God to give us His peace, Secondly, I must try to plant trees and vegetables, collect rain water, use eco-friendly shopping bags, and encourage others to do the same.

Aster Zewdie DC