God’s Creation, Man’s Destruction

God's Creation, Man's Destruction

God has given us a beautiful world of mountains and lakes, waterfalls and other incredible sights of breath-taking sceneries day and night. But nowadays in some parts of the world instead of northern lights and aurora borealis that people enjoy in the middle of darkness, we see bombs or missiles light up the sky.

Instead of the calming sound of the waterfalls and running streams, we hear the frightening sounds of firearms or explosions at unexpected times. Instead of quiet peace we hear the screams of terror, death and chaos, the muffled cries of children and the poignant march of mourning.

What have we done to ourselves? What happened to the peace and harmony in the Garden? Where have we gone wrong? When will we respond to Pope Francis plea of respecting and sharing the goods of the earths and its creatures, treating each other as brothers and sisters with God as our Father? Why do we create barriers that isolate rather than open arms?

Let us welcome the stranger, straighten and strengthen the paths to peace and unity, rebuild the bridges of harmony then we can witness the Gospel of joy, mercy and love.

Caridad Tatayon DC