Living Laudato Si

Living Laudato Si

The encyclical Laudato Si was publicized for everyone on the planet on June 18, 2016.  The title means “Praise be to You,” invites everyone to care for our Common Home that God has given us. More than reading Laudato Si we are called to live Laudato Si.

In Our Family: “In the family we first learn how to show love and respect for life; we are taught the proper use of things, order and cleanliness, respect for the local ecosystems and care for all creatures.”  No. 213

This is a belief formed in us from our childhood.  We need to deepen this conviction by our awareness of all creatures and the ecosystems that keep our world in good order.  Our prayers for our world need to include this Intention.

In Our Spiritual Life: “Christian spirituality proposes a growth marked by moderation and the capacity to be happy with little.  It is a return to that simplicity which allows us to stop and appreciate the small things.” No. 222

 Simplicity is a Vincentian characteristic; we are called to be simple and to appreciate all of God’s creation.  Let us pray for a deepening of our capacity to be happy with little.

In Our Spending: “Many people know that our current progress and the mere amassing of things and pleasures are not enough to give meaning and joy to the human heart, yet they feel unable to give up what the market sets before them.” No. 209

To give meaning and joy to our lives we need to continue to grow in our need for little.  The little joys can be the greatest if we focus on what is before us rather than look for what is in the marketplace.

In Our Parish: “Social problems must be addressed by community networks and not simply by the sum of individual good deeds…The ecological conversion needed to bring about lasting change is also a community conversion.” No. 21

We are called to work with others to make lasting differences in our communities.  This will require that we listen, discuss, reflect and decide what we can do together.  Let us pray for the openness to have the boldness to make lasting changes.     Catherine Madigan DC