The 2nd January 2016 dawned a beautiful morning here in Nairobi. It was a special day for the Daughters of Charity when Sr. Esther Mbevo, one of their young sisters, took vows for the first time.

Vows in the community of the Daughters of Charity commit the person taking vows to a life time of service to God and to people who are in need, poor or on the margins of society.

Vows for the DCs differ from most Religious Communities who take perpetual vows.

The Daughters of Charity take simple, annual vows and renew them each year on the 25th March, Feast of Our Lady’s annunciation. However, when taking vows for the first time the sister has the intention of committing herself for life so the vows are not temporary or experimental, but a real life long commitment that is always renewed and refreshed.

From the foundation of the Community St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac, the founders, determined the sisters would not take perpetual vows. At that time vowed religious women were confined to the cloister or enclosure. Vincent and Louise had a vision of committed women coming and going freely to the homes of the poor and to places of need, not confined or constrained by the demands of cloistered religious. While these restrictions no longer apply to Apostolic Religious Congregations the Daughters of Charity have maintained this way of life, according to their Charism, since the beginning, of making annual, renewable vows as a confirmation of their commitment to God.

Esther’s family joined her on the day to celebrate Esther’s life and vocation

The DCs from around Kenya, our Provincial Leader from Ireland, two sisters from Ethiopia and our Vincentian brothers from DePaul all gathered for the occasion. Fr. Tom Essleman C.M, with his brother priests, concelebrated Mass.

So Esther was surrounded by her sisters in community, her immediate family and friends in what was a joyful occasion.

Sr Esther joined by her family with Sr Catherine Mulligan and Sr Goretti Butler

We wish Esther every blessing and fulfilment in her chosen vocation.