Parish-based Weeks of Guided Prayer:

Sisters participate in the weeks of guided prayer in the Archdiocese of Dublin.  A team of between four and ten spiritual directors/prayer guides are invited to a parish for a week of Guided Prayer.  Each guide meets one-to-one with up to four retreatants for the week.  This week of Guided Prayer takes place in approximately 20 parishes each year.

Guided Prayer in the National Shrine in Knock, Co Mayo

Many sisters are part of the weekly team of Prayer Guides in Our Lady’s Shrine during the Pilgrimage Season. Each person commits to staying in Knock for one week to faciliate the three Guided Prayer Sessions that are available each day.  Sisters are also be available for one to one Spriitual Direction as members of the team.

On-going one-to-one spiritual direction

Many sisters give one to one Spiritual Direction to people who desire to experience a deeper relationship with God. Some persons receive the name of a sister as a result of beoing involved in Weeks of Guided Prayer or programmes in which sisters have participated.


Many of the sisters facilitate retreats, in parishes, with young people and within a school context.