Mother Nature

Mother Nature

It helps now and then to step back and have a long view…………….

Pointing to the cracks in the planet that we inhabit as well as the human causes of environmental degradation.”  Laudato Si (Page 92)

“Although this reality has shown the need for change of direction,” Laudato Si (Page 92) we assume it is beyond our efforts and vision.

No statement fully explains all that technology has done to the environment. No confessions fully bring about understanding the destruction by the use of coal and oil. No programme has fully come up with a “lesser evil” Laudato Si (Page 93) or found short term positive solutions for our environment.

Let us plant seeds that will grow, let’s join hands with groups like, “Basel Convention, Binding Convention, Vienna Convention and    protect Mother Nature. Laudato Si (Page 94).

We may never see the end result, but we can make a difference and that is what matters.

Celestine Mwalale DC