Nature is not a place to visit, it is home

Nature is not a place to visit, it is home

“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home”

(Environmental protection policy)

 The more we treat and protect our common home not only benefits us but we believe that someone else, future generations, will also gain great benefit. When we look deep into nature we           understand that it is free gift to us human beings and God is present in each and every piece of creation.

From my reflection the greatest gift we humans have to offer the rest of creation is our heartfelt appreciation and the ability to receive in thankfulness the blessings of life. I think it is each and every individual’s responsibility to have a genuine care for the earth and to enhance the quality and quantity of soil, water, trees and flowers that we have on our property. God created all of    nature in a unique way for human beings to find beauty and spiritual satisfaction within all created life. We are surrounded by beauty.

As human beings we need to respect, love and protect our common home and stay close to nature. Nature is an image of God and God communicates to us through beauty, and the abundance and   creativity of nature. The more we love nature the more nature teaches us about beauty, abundant life and how we are all beautiful before of God.

Our common home is threatened on all sides by all kinds of pollution. We, or nature, cannot survive without protecting and making the earth green. We need each other. Now is the time for the community and individuals to be hear a new call, to be aware of our common home and commit to our common duty to promote education and awareness about the environment as Pope Francis has encouraged us to do.

Tigist Rufael DC