Our Common Home

Our Common Home

Earlier this year the sisters, students and priests of the Vincentian Family in Chanzo and De Paul, inspired by Laudato Si, decided to clean and clear the “De Paul” river as a sign and symbol of our concern for Mother Earth. Mother Earth who “sustains and governs us”.

The encyclical also reminds us that the violence present in our hearts, wounded by sin, is reflected in the damage to soil, water, and air and to all forms of life. We are called, therefore, to change our lifestyle in order to combat global warming and to take account of the effects of deforestation for agriculture purposes and the loss of tropical forests, all of which impact climate change. It is a global problem with implications for the environment, social, economic and political systems and for a fair distribution of the goods of the earth. This is a huge challenge today and one that affects mostly people living in poverty who are forced to endure harsh conditions that deny them their human dignity. Many cities have become unhealthy to live in as a result of urban chaos, unworkable infrastructure, poor transportation, pollution and noise and planning that allows multiple slums. This is contrary to the teachings of the Gospel which demands that all people be treated with dignity.  For the Vincentian family this is a call to become change agents and transformers especially for the people who are poor and whom we meet and serve each and every day.

How am I preserving and caring for our common home?

How conscious am I of my daily responsibility to build up and care for our ‘common home’?

Have I done one single action this day that nourishes the environment?

Esther Mbevo DC