Our Lady’s Hospice   Thigio, Kenya

Our Lady’s Hospice   Thigio, Kenya

Our Lady’s Hospice in Thigio Kenya welcomed four visitors from Circle of Caring Hospice in the USA as a part of a Global Partnership initiative. The four visitors:  Kunga Doros, Rischell Redmon, Lori Trickett, and Julie Leahy spent a week with the Daughters of Charity in Thigio.

While they were in Thigio they visited and observed in Our Lady’s Hospice and the other services on the parish compound. They accompanied Daughter of Charity Staff members as they made home visits to hospice patients and persons who participate in the Elders’ lunch program.  They visited a hospital inpatient unit for hospice patients and the DREAM Center, an outpatient treatment center for persons living with HIV.

They conducted in-service training sessions for the staff who work in the hospice, the clinic and the outreach.

Sr Deborah Mallott DC