Plant a Tree!

Plant a Tree!

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2004, Pro. Wangari Mathai, has left Kenya and indeed the whole world an example of how to grow towards sustainable development, democracy, and peace. Her idea gave birth to the Green Belt movement that has led to planting of millions of trees in Kenya and conservation of various natural habitats. Here is an excerpt from a press release;

“Peace on earth depends on our ability to secure our living environment. Wangari Mathai stands at the front of the fight to promote ecologically viable social, economic, and cultural development in Kenya and in Africa. She has taken a holistic approach to sustainable development that embraces democracy, human rights and women’s rights in particular. She thinks globally and acts locally”.

Her message, strongly passed to us by her actions, is more relevant now than ever, echoing the Words of Pope Francis, “Human beings too are creatures of this world, enjoying right to life and happiness, and endowed with unique dignity. So, we cannot fail to consider the effects on peoples’ lives of environmental deterioration, current models of development and the throwaway culture” (Laudato Si, Paragraph 43)

Everybody’s contribution counts; plant one more tree, close a running tap, carry your basket to the supermarket, all these small acts lead to the replenishing of our Mother Earth, at least partly.

Rodah Mose Bonareri DC