‘Showing care for others’ with Pope Francis

In Laudato Si’ – the letter that written by Pope Francis – the Pope asks us to show care for others – to recognise that we need one another and that we all need to encourage a ‘culture of care’.  Pope Francis calls this ‘social love’.  Even making small gestures to show our thanks to others helps to build a better world. The Covid -19 pandemic is causing us to think of others who are working to keep our hospitals and health services open, to look after and care for those who are ill.  Pope Francis invites us ‘to seek a new beginning’ – by showing care for others.

B1. During Social Distancing our well – being depends on others.

Look at each of the beatitudes above.

Which beatitude best represents you?

  • How are your actions during ‘social distancing’ helping others?
  • Who is helping you and how are their actions helping you?
  • Draw and label two other ‘beatitudes’ that you could add to the diagram above.

B2. Being grateful to others can help us to develop ‘social love’.

  1. Each Thursday during our ‘social distancing’ at 8pm we share a positive gesture showing thanks to the NHS. What other gestures are communities in Belfast making?
  2. What positive gestures can I take to show my gratitude and care to those that I share my home with/live with?
  3. What positive gestures can I take to show my gratitude and care to one person outside my family that I depend on – this could be in school/ shops/ or my community.
  4. Choose one meal today list others who made your meal possible – start with the growing of the food itself. Take a few minutes to say thank you.
  5. Write a 5 – point plan of how you will put in place a habit- a ‘new beginning’ – to show how you will thank others going forward.

“We must regain the connection that we need one another, that we have a shared responsibility for others ……and that being good and decent are worth it” paragraph 229

“Love, overflowing with small gestures of mutual care is also civic and political and makes itself felt in every action that seeks to build a better world” paragraph 231