I am Marguerite Buckley, the third child of seven, born to Kate and Michael Buckley near Macroom, Co Cork.

My first contact with the Daughters of Charity was when Catherine my eldest sister was a student in St Mary’s School of Home Economics in Dunmanway, Co Cork. When Catherine completed her year there, she chose to enter the community.

I followed her to St Mary’s School the next year and my path led me to train as a nurse in St Vincent’s psychiatric hospital, in Fairview, Dublin. It was here that the first idea of joining the Daughters of Charity became a possibility.

I was impressed by the sisters, by the care they gave the patients, they seemed very normal, as they went about their duties and interacted with patients, nurses and relatives. The care was very personal, sensitive, with lots of fun as we helped them provide a holistic program of care, during my training there. As students we were encouraged to take a lot of guided responsibility in ward management and other duties.

In my personal live, it was also a time of social development and maturity. In the time we had off we explored the sights of Dublin and I enjoyed time with my family. I entered the Daughters when I was 21 years of age.

To my joy when I had completed my formation I returned to work in St Vincent’s Hospital for a number of years. During over 30 years there I was engaged in many aspects of care given there.

For some years I have been involved in Counselling and in Parish Work. My experience of my life as a Daughter has been filled with many blessings, much contentment, personal development, joys, and challenges.

Would I change it? NO