World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR)

World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR)
This is it! Next Sunday, September 29, marks the 105th World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR). For the occasion, Pope Francis will preside over a Holy Mass in St. Peter’s Square from 10.30 am and he invites us to celebrate the event with him to support our brothers and sisters who are most in need.

To prepare for the WDMR together, we are sending you the latest video produced for the communication campaign of the Migrants and Refugees Section. The theme “It is not just about migrants” this month is developed in the sub-theme “It’s about building the City of God and man”.

In the video, the Holy Father urges us to always put God at the centre, to build a family in which everyone recognises themselves as sons and daughters of the one Father, committed to living the commandment of reciprocal love amongst them and toward all.

The video is in the folder that you can access by clicking on this link. In the same folder you will also find the Message of the Holy Father for the WDMR and all the material of the campaign, divided in the sub-themes “It’s also about our fears”“It’s also about charity””It’s also about our humanity”“It’s about not excluding anyone”, “It’s about putting the last in first place” and  “It’s about the whole person and about all people”. All that you find in the folder can be downloaded, used and shared freely.

If you can make it, we are expecting you next Sunday at 10.30 am in St. Peter’s Square to celebrate the Holy Mass of Pope Francis. For information and tickets for the celebration, please contact the Migrantes Foundation:

If instead you are going to celebrate the WDMR in your community, we would be glad to receive videos, photographs and other material from your celebration. You can send everything to

About the Migrants and Refugees Section
The Migrants & Refugees Section is a small pastoral office of the Holy See, personally directed by Pope Francis, working to help the Church worldwide to accompany vulnerable people on the move, including those who are forcibly displaced by conflict, natural disaster, persecution or extreme poverty, refugees and victims of human trafficking. More information at: